Space Data Exploitation Specialist

Maybe, because history is now and together with you we can change its course. Czech flag on the Moon and our products and services on every continent. This is our vision for 2030. The company was founded with the sole purpose to bring together the best experts, engineers and scientists to the Czech Republic and to work on great things.

Or, because we aim to be a global company which as a system integrator delivers complete missions. We also have our own products which we sell worldwide. And our mission is to make the Czech Republic one of the prime countries within the space industry. We connect industry, academia and science centres not only from CZ but also from other countries in central and eastern Europe. We are stronger together. We partnered for one common goal: to collect geological data and uncover the unknown about the Moon surface and subsurface. Results of such a joint work will land on the Moon together with the Czech flag. The flag is a symbol representing the fact that countries form central and eastern Europe can do great missions and be part of the space first league.


As a Data Exploitation Specialist, you will play a pivotal role in harnessing remote-sensing and satellite imaging technologies to develop advanced GIS and remote-sensing solutions. This role focuses on the integration of systems and coordination with partner institutions to design and execute data processing pipelines, algorithms, and tailored solutions that address our customers' complex challenges.

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Integrate work with partner institutions to develop comprehensive satellite data solutions;
Design and manage data processing pipelines and algorithms using satellite imagery;
Conduct research campaigns to identify and catalog new spectral characteristics pertinent to various applications;
Develop automation techniques for the detection of specific phenomena in satellite imagery;
Ensure optimal value delivery to clients from their satellite investments;
Work extensively with hyperspectral and optical data to innovate and improve solution offerings;
Create technical concepts and investigate biggest value for potential customers;
Proven experience in data science, systems engineering, or a related field, with a focus on remote sensing and satellite imagery;
Strong background in GIS and remote sensing technologies;
Experience with designing and implementing data processing pipelines and algorithms;
Demonstrable ability to manage and coordinate projects involving multiple stakeholders;
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills;
Strong communication and team coordination abilities.

Nice to have:
Advanced degree in Remote Sensing, Geospatial Information Systems, Data Science, or a related field;
Experience with hyperspectral data analysis;
Previous involvement in agricultural, security, or climate-related remote sensing projects.

“What do we
expect from you?

Full time contract and flexible working hours;
Meaningful benefits;
Bar with draft beer, tasty coffee, homemade cookies and BBQ all the time;
Fairness, transparency, responsibility, freedom and full trust;
Group of people how dare to take risks, are humble, playful, and are not afraid of experiments;
English lessons with native speaker and other opportunities for further education;
Phone contract including iPhone (we have Android choice, too);
Projects which are beyond belief and customers from Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

“What you can
expect from us?”

Take a deep breath and drop us an email. You can attach your CV, send a link to your LinkedIn or just write a few words about yourself - whatever you like. You will hear from Jana soon, and we will be looking forward to seeing you at a potential interview.

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