Back Office Specialist

Maybe, because history is now and together with you we can change its course. Czech flag on the Moon and our products and services on every continent. This is our vision for 2030. The company was founded with the sole purpose to bring together the best experts, engineers and scientists in Czech Republic and to work on great things. Or, because we aim to be a global company which as a system integrator delivers complete missions. We also have our own products which we sell worldwide. And our mission is to make Czech Republic one of the prime countries within the space industry. We connect industry, academia and science centers not only from CZ but also from other countries in central and eastern europe. We are stronger together. We partnered for one common goal: to collect geological data and uncover the unknown about the Moon surface and subsurface. Results of such a joint work will land on the Moon together with czech flag. The flag is a symbol representing the fact that countries form central and eastern europe can do great missions and be part of the space first league.


We work on two EO satellites and one Moon probe. We have a hyperspectral camera, Lidar, SAR and a new generation of laser-based communication platform in development. We try to get to the bottom of quantum encrypting. We digitize agriculture by using a stratospheric platform using AI data processing. We 3D print satellite structures. And that is just a small example of what we do!

YOU ARE INTERESTED IN: “What are you working
on right now?”

Our company premises, building and surroundings are cared for and it shows at a glance
Common handle email correspondence and calls on daily routine (day-to-day operation)
The offices, meeting rooms, common areas are in perfect condition and we have everything we need to work and relax
Workplaces are equipped and no one is missing anything, including office supplies
All IT related things are working, all requests from the team are solved without delays
Our company cars are well taken care of
All visits to our office are well organized and looked care after
Internal company events, team building and sports competitions happen regularly
Business trips and training sessions are well planned in advance, well organized, communicated and supported throughout
Attendance records for all teams are in perfect order
Contracts with suppliers and other important company documents are properly stored
All our assets are recorded in a list and we always know where they are
You are in charge of managing company mail
All employees have participated on all mandatory training

YOU WANT TO KNOW:“What would my job
look like?”

Experience in similar position min. 3 years
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Representative appearance, proactive approach
A sense of prioritizing tasks and catching up on activities
Accuracy and independence
A human and empathetic approach
Knowledge of the English language
Driving license B
Willingness to accept responsibility and not be afraid to make decisions.

“What do you
expect from me?

Full-time work in an international team of experienced space experts
Flexible working hours
Meaningful benefits
A bar with draft beer, good coffee, lots of homemade goodies, and always some internal event
Fairness, transparency, accountability, freedom, and full trust
Martina and Petra, who will lure you to our beekeeping club, Kubu, who will recruit you to our volleyball team, and Libor to the cycling team
English lessons with a native speaker and lots of further education
Company PC and mobile phone with a company tariff (iPhone and Android alternative)

“What can I expect
from you?”

Take a deep breath and drop us an email. You can attach your CV, send a link to your LinkedIn or just write a few words about yourself - whatever you like. You will hear from Jana soon, and we will be looking forward to seeing you at a potential interview.

“What should
I do now?”